Brand Strategist



Segmentation Study


This project re-examined CamelBak's customer segments and provided recommendations to help the company maintain it's position as a leader in the water bottle and hydration pack market. 



Hannah Barr — Strategist
Julian Grimes — Strategist
Caroline Moyer-Kardos — Strategist


Focus group
One-on-one interviews
Segmentation survey
Quantitative survey

The Segments

Extreme Athletes graphic.png
Feature Focused graphic.png
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Reusable Rejectors graphic.png
Name Brand Buyers graphic.png
Outdoor Enthusiasts graphic.png


Convenience store rec.jpeg

Ditch the disposable

Currently, CamelBak products are primarily sold in specialty stores and big box retailers. We found that the Reusable Rejectors segment reach for bottled water primarily because it's convenient. By placing CamelBak products in convenience stores where people may typically grab a bottle of water, it makes it much easier for the Reusable Rejector segment to switch to a bottle that won't end up in a landfill.

We recommend placing the Chute 0.75 L bottle in these locations because it is similar in size and drinking experience to a throwaway bottle (i.e. no straw). The bottles in these locations would feature a tag that ties into CamelBak's existing Ditch Disposable campaign, calling on the reader to commit to less plastic waste by purchasing the bottle.

Gift card rec.jpeg

Gift cards

While CamelBak sells its full line of products on its website, it doesn't offer a gift card option. Adding one would allow CamelBak users — particularly those in the Name Brand Buyers segment — with a high net promoter score to have a way of giving the gift of their favorite water bottle brand.

We found that this segment was hesitant spend money on themselves, but would be happy to give or get a nice reusable bottle as a gift. 

YouTube rec.jpeg

Hikers and Hydration Packs

We were surprised to find that only 25 percent of the Outdoor Enthusiasts segment currently own a CamelBak hydration pack. This segment is likely to own a variety of hydration items based on the activities they do. 




Tile rec.jpeg

Tile Partnership

Both the Feature Focused and Reusable Rejector segments expressed concern over losing a reusable water bottle. A partnership with Tile to include their Bluetooth trackers with the purchase of a CamelBak water bottle can help put their minds at ease.